Students of the Faculty of Engineering successful again


The Claas Foundation awards the International Student Prize annually for defending the bachelor thesis oriented to agricultural technology, with the aim to support the coming development of agriculture and agricultural technology.

Traditionally, also students of the Faculty of Engineering have participated this year, too. In 2015 the certificate of Claas Foundation together with financial support was awarded to the following students of the Faculty of Engineering: Bc. Patrik Kósa (Eur 2 000), Bc. Filip Štefunko (Eur 1 500) and Bc. Marián Kišev (Eur 1 000) at the ceremony of giving awards, which took place on the 27th of October 2015 in the Technopark of the seat of Class in Harsewinkel in Germany. Prof. Zdenko Tkáč, Dean of the Faculty, expressed thanks to the students for exemplary representation and propagation of the Faculty abroad at the meeting of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Engineering held on the 18th of November 2015.

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