Meeting of deputies from FERIT, Muehlbauer Technologies, s.r.o. and TF SPU in Nitra


Working visit of deputies from Faculty of Electrical Engineering Computer Science and Information Technology (FERIT) from Croatian Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek and deputies from Muehlbauer Technologies, s.r.o took part at Faculty of Engineering SPU in Nitra on the 25th September 2018.

In the initial introduction, the dean of TF SPU prof. Ing. Roman Gálik, PhD., welcomed guests from Croatia - Prof. Draga Žagara, the dean of FERIT, Prof. Kruno Miličević, vice-dean for Bussines Activity, Technology  and Prof. Snježanua Rimac Drlje, Vice-Dean for International Cooperation and also deputies from Muehlbauer Technologies, s.r.o, Bc. Ladislav Paškrta, managing director, and Mgr. Nikola Gálová, coordinator of university students.

Presentations of TF SPU, FERIT and Muehlbauer followed after initial introduction. Talks of representatives of both faculties and of company Muehlbauer referred to preparation of common combined studies with practice which should be one of the results of cooperation. All the present agreed on identification of main areas of cooperation and also on other opportunities.

Meeting with Deputy Major of Nitra, Ing. Martin Nemky, preceded the working visit at TF SPU.

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