Invited expert lectures


Invited expert lectures were held on 08.11.2022 and 09.11.2022 on the subjects of Engineering Mechanics and Mechanics of materials. Lectures are based on the bilateral cooperation between the Technical Faculty of SPU in Nitra and the Technological Institute of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Science in Gödolő in Hungary.  

The first lecture titled "Overview of industrial robots - parallel kinematics" suitably supplemented the thematic part of kinematics in the subject of Engineering Mechanics and pointed out the practical use of the lectured chapters in the given subject.

The second lecture titled "Overview of modern production technologies" dealt with modern production technologies applied in engineering production. In the lecture, it was pointed out that modern production technologies cannot be designed, constructed, and operated without corresponding professional competencies, which are formed by the sum of knowledge obtained by studying subjects from the field of mechanical engineering.

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