Faculty of Engineering presented on International Engineering Fair 2018


This year´s 25th International Engineering Fair welcomed the first visitors on May 22nd. This event which is under the auspices of Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic belongs to the most important events nowadays. Domestic and foreign exhibitors present the newest machinery, tools, equipment and technologies.

The own exposition has traditionally Faculty of Engineering, too. The results of our faculty interested also the city mayor Jozef Dvonč. The 6 th year of presenting the outputs of engineering faculties of the Slovak Republic - TECHFORUM took part in this fair. Faculty of Engineering presented with distance operated robotic lawnmower with its autonomous mode from Department of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Informatics.

General assembly of Union of Mechanical Engineering of the Slovak Republic was held on the 1st day of the fair. The dean of our faculty Zdenko Tkáč represented Faculty of Engineering as the member of this union.

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