Faculty of Engineering at the jubilee year of Researchers’ Night


One of the popular European events “Researchers’ Night” celebrated its 10th anniversary in Slovakia in late September 2016. The goal of the event is to show the public that scientists are regular people with unusual occupation, who annually meet with children, students and others and reveal the world of science and discovery to them.

The Faculty of Engineering, represented by the employees from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Informatics, presented its research for the third time at this event. Both children and adults could try control the mobile robot model by means of gestures in the thematic workshop called “Control the Robot by Gestures”. This activity was motivated by the achieved results of the department in the field of image processing. The high attendance of not only public but also local media proves great interest in it.

We hope that especially school age children gained an idea of fascinating world of science in technical fields and possibilities of its practical use in everyday life.

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