Bc. Martin Masár won the first prize at the competition SVOC in Zvolen


Students Bc. Martin Masár, Bc. Peter Holý and Bc. Dominik Horňák represented successfully Faculty of Engineering at the competition SVOC in the field of manufacturing technology in Zvolen which took place on the 15th of May 2018 at faculty of Environmental and Manufacturing Technology of Technical University in Zvolen.

Contributions of all three students were high-quality and they were presented very well. Students´ works were from the field of mobile robotics which is still more and more developed theme at Department of Electrical Engineering, Automatization and Informatics. Bc. Martin Masár won the first prize in this section with his robotic lawnmover, which was also the subject of his diploma thesis. Thank you for representation of faculty of Engineering and congratulations on your placings.

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