The Faculty of Engineering was established in 1969 as the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering. The main mission of the Faculty is to train and educate highly qualified and skilled operating engineers and graduate engineers. The Faculty does not rely only on its experienced staff, currently consisting of 74 university teachers (of which 8 are professors and 24 associated professors) but also on cooperation with many other educational and research institutions in Slovakia and abroad. Since its establishment, the Faculty has educated more than 8000 graduates participating in the development of agricultural production, bioenergy and automotive industry. The educational system of the Faculty fully corresponds with the Common European University Educational System, in accordance with Bologna Declaration. Since 1997, the Faculty has been involved in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), and students have the opportunity to create their own study plan from the courses at the Faculty of Engineering, at the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, and even from the offer of other universities in Slovakia and abroad.

History: The basis of establishment dates back to year 1946 when the University of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering was established in Košice and the Institute of Engineering was opened there. After moving of the University of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering from Košice to Nitra in 1952 and after restructuring of its departments, there was established the Department of Agricultural Engineering and Soil Science. Due to development of farm machines and increasing of their importance in practice, Mechanization of Agriculture was created as a new field of study at the Faculty of Operation and Economics, which can be considered a platform for establishment of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering in 1969. The Faculty was renamed to the Faculty of Engineering in 2008 and its 45-years anniversary was celebrated in 2014.

The faculty consists of seven departments:

Department of Transport and Handling

Department of Electrical Engineering, Automation and Informatics

Department of Physics

Department of Machine Design

Department of Quality and Engineering Technologies

Department of Machines and Production Biosystems

Department of Building Equipment and Technology Safety


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