Interest in the Faculty of Engineering is growing

by Ing. Ján Csillag

Nitra´s regional newspaper published a special supplement for applicants for university studies.

Interest in IT predominates in our market according to the working portal Our Faculty and especially our students and applicants for studies at our Faculty were pleased by the information that the greatest interest has risen in graduates of the Faculty of Engineering of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra and of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava in comparison with year 2013. The increase of job vacancies in the field where the graduates from these two faculties can find employment has contributed to this fact.

According to the supplement called “Labour Market”, five employers in average have taken look at CVs of the graduates of these two faculties. Practical experience, part-time jobs and also internship help graduates, so they should not forget to mention it in their CVs. They increase their chances by 10 percent according to statistics.

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