Estonian representatives visited the Faculty of Engineering at SUA in Nitra


The Faculty of Engineering of the Slovak University of Agriculture (FE SUA) in Nitra was visited by a delegation from the Estonian University of Life Sciences (Eesti Maaülikool, EMÜ) in Tartu on 11 April 2017.

In the introduction, the Vice-Dean for Foreign Relations, International Research and Educational Programmes Dr Katarína Kollárová welcomed the rare guests from the Republic of Estonia – Prof. Margus Arak, Director of the Institute of Technology; Prof. Timo Kikas, Editor-in-Chief of the Agronomy Research journal and the representative of the Department of Agricultural and Production Engineering (biofuels); Prof. Jüri Olt, Head of the Department of Agricultural and Production Engineering (agricultural and production engineering); Prof. Andres Annuk, Head of the Department of Energy Engineering (energetics); Assoc. Prof. Eda Merisalu, Head of the Department of Husbandry Engineering and Ergonomics (ergonomics and occupational technology); and Assoc. Prof. Risto Ilves from the Department of Agricultural and Production Engineering (combustion engines). There were present also Assoc. Prof. Štefan Pogran, Vice-Dean for Science and Research; Prof. Roman Gálik, Vice-Dean for Education, and Prof. Ladislav Nozdrovický from the Department of Machines and Production Biosystems of FE SUA.

The introduction was followed by presentation during which the delegation of six members was informed on the structure, scientific research and educational activity of FE SUA. Dr Kollárová presented the missions of our university and faculty, its strategic goals, as well as information on cooperation opportunities by means of variety of programmes and other possibilities. She expressed an interest in an intensive creation of opportunities for cooperation development in the field of education, science and research, student and teacher exchanges, preparation of joint international projects and publication activities. Then, Prof. Arak introduced his university and the Institute of Technology comprising five departments (Department of Agricultural and Production Engineering; Department of Husbandry Engineering and Ergonomics; Department of Energy Engineering; Department of Applied Physics; Department of Mathematics). During discussion, he presented the main ideas and direction which the future cooperation between the Institute of Technology of EMÜ and FE SUA should follow. In addition to the abovementioned fields of cooperation, he expressed an interest in taking part in international conferences “Biosystems Engineering” organized by the Institute of technology of EMÜ and the International Student Scientific Conference organized by FE SUA.

The programme for Estonian guests also included the visit of FE SUA laboratories.

The content and signature of a general cooperation agreement and bilateral cooperation agreement within the Erasmus+ programme were proposed at the end of the meeting.

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