Employees of Faculty of Engineering of SPU in Nitra at the traineeship in Budapest


Doc. Ing. Zuzana Palková, PhD. a Ing. Marta Harničárová, PhD. from Department of Electrical Engineering, Automatization and Informatics of Faculty of Engineering at SPU in Nitra attended the traineeship in the company Europa Consortium Regional Development from the 22nd – 23rd of May 2018. Their experience was presented during the technical part on the international workshop organized in Budapest.

During the traineeship, they presented their activities in the field of sustainable rural development and protection of the environment, use of renewable energy source in the conditions of agricultural production as well as project and educational activities in area of circulation economy. They exchanged information about the state of research and development in Danubian area and about the current conditions of transition on circulation economy not only in the Slovak Republic but also in Hungary and in Slovenia. They focused on the preparation of Transnational strategy for circulation economy and three Road maps, which should be presented to public at the end of the year 2018 (Transnational strategy) and in May 2019 (Road maps).

Participants presented information about preparation of Transnational Strategy within the project MOVECO, its cross-border Road maps and other outputs of project during the debate. Every participant expressed their interest in future cooperation in the area of circulation economy, eco design and eco innovations, sharing of information and creating thematic networks.

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